Yorkies of Ireland
2505 W Denney's Rd
Dover, DE 19904
About Us
I raise all my babies underfoot, with loving care. Each of them is hand birthed under my supervision. Each litter is kept with their mother in open cages and has plenty of room to run. When you decide, you can come and visit your baby as often as you like; by appointment only.

My Yorkie parents are imported directly from Ireland and are registered with the UKCI. Each one is as individual as can be. Check out the Yorkie page for pictures often.

My Lhasa Apsos come in many different colors to choose from and are registered through the A.K.C. and the U.K.C.I. Check out the Lhasa page for a few pictures. I will be adding more soon.

I send each puppy home with a birth certificate and a puppy care package for the new family. I always acquaint the new family with the puppy's care and feeding schedules. I advise the puppy's new family to make an appointment with the family veternarian as soon as possible to begin regular puppy care to insure good health and continue puppy vaccinations.

I accept deposits before the litters are born in the amount of $50 to be sure you get the puppy of your choice. Deposits are non refundable.

If you choose to make your deposit after the puppy is born, a $500 deposit on Yorkies and a $250 on Lhasa Apsos is required.

Contact me for details.